Second Hand Store


A Flagler County Economic Opportunity Initiative


In March of 2020, Flagler County’s Economic Development office launched to allow local businesses to create a listing of services for residents during the COVID-19 pandemic. Businesses could complete a survey that allowed them to provide information about availability and services to the public; and control the information business owners need the community to know. 


Now that the Flagler County business community is beginning the post-pandemic recovery process, is evolving into a universal business "hub" aimed at being a constant resource to all local businesses before, during and after any form of community disaster event, be it COVID-19 or a hurricane. The thought behind this evolution is to utilize the momentum garnered by the COVID-19 business outreach and create a consistent forum of relevant information that will remain available from the same source from here forward, eliminating the confusion that can come from mixed messages during times of emergency.